Day of Deeper Understanding

The Day of Deeper Understanding is meant to be a “booster and refresher” for people who have just attended a weekend, or just feel the need for Cursillo fellowship.

At the heart of Cursillo lies the idea of community and fellowship. Cursillo offers this three ways:  in our weekly worship with our parish community, in regular fellowship at Ultreyas where we share our faith journeys receive support, and in Fourth Day groups where we can share openly the journey we are personally on with brothers and sisters who are on a similar path. We aim to be agents of change for Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Join us for enlightening information on

  • How to explain Cursillo to others
  • What does it really mean to be in my Fourth Day? What about grouping?
  • How to “Be a Friend, Make a Friend, Bring a Friend to Jesus”?
  • What being a sponsor entails

Our next Day of Deeper Understanding will take place in November 2016. Please check this page for further details.