Fourth Day


The goal of Cursillo is to bring the world to Christ by empowering adults who are mature in their Christian faith. It aims to equip and encourage Christians to live out their Baptismal Covenant to serve Christ.

Cursillo attempts to reach its goals by:

  • Helping Christians to discover the depths, reality and richness of their faith;
  • Inspiring Christians to pursue their unique mission in the world;
  • Connecting Christians in networks that empower them to carry out their mission;
  • Sharing examples of local Christians who are carrying out their mission in ordinary life settings.



Cursillo members aim to influence the environments in which they live, work, play and worship for Christ.  We aim to serve Christ where we are planted.  Workshops to support the continuing education of Cursillo members are held annually. These will be announced in the “News page” and on the calendar.

Cursillo Parish Representatives will soon be  found in each parish where someone has been to a Cursillo weekend. The “Cursillo rep” provides Cursillo event information to the clergy and congregation answers any questions and is a communication link to the secretariat regarding ongoing events.   Contact us if you wish to be linked to the parish representative closes to you.



Secretariat is the name given to the local body which has the general responsibility for the life and the direction of the Cursillo Movement.  It is under the authority of the bishop of the diocese.  Secretariat is an instrument and concrete part of the diocesan pastoral plan.

The Secretariat consists of a group of leaders, lay and clergy.  Members are drawn from those who have completed the 3-Day Weekend retreat and are involved in the activities of the movement. Secretariat Brief Job Descriptions Qu’Appelle.  Terms of Office are for three years.

Positions include:

Lay Director appointed by the Bishop on recommendation from Secretariat.

Spiritual Director appointed by the Bishop

6-10 Members elected by the Cursillo Community, including:

Chairpersons of:

  • Three Day-Weekend Committee
  • Pre-Cursillo Committee
  • Fourth Day Committee
  • Servant Community Committee
  • Communications Committee.



Responsibilities of Secretariat, as laid out by the Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat, are as follows:

  • Uphold the authenticity of the Movement
  • Establish policies and procedures to ensure an active Fourth Day program
  • Support and implement Cursillo’s role in the Bishop’s pastoral plan
  • Identify and develop future leaders within the Cursillo Community
  • Annual evaluate the authenticity of the Movement and develop a plan of action
  • Maintain ties with the Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat and provide financial support
  • Meet on a regular basis. (Minutes of Secretariat meetings are available upon request)

Monthly meetings open to all are held and are announced on the Calendar page.



Any one who is interested in attending a weekend must have a sponsor.  A sponsor is someone who has already attended a Cursillo weekend and is actively involved in Fourth Day activities.  A sponsor keeps an “eye out” for potential leaders in their church who may benefit from attending a weekend.  The sponsor answers all the questions a potential candidate may have about the weekend and what Fourth Day means.  Sponsorship also means providing prayer and support to the interested person before, during and after the weekend, including linking the new Cursillista up with a Fourth Day Group. It is generally understood that sponsorship is meant to last a year.

For more information on sponsorship, see our Diocesan Guideline


Group reunions

Group reunions are an essential part of the Fourth Day.  This is a  small group  of people who meet regularly to share, learn, deepen Christian friendships and provide mutual support in their  Christian walk of  piety, study and action.  Get together with 2 to 4 friends and use this process to guide your time. Groups should be about 60 – 90 minutes long.  If you attend one of our Ultreyas you get this content in a little wallet sized card.

Please contact our Fourth Day Committee chair to get a copy of the Card if you have lost yours or are interested in this Cursillo method.



Ultreya is Spanish and means “Onward!”  These are monthly gatherings held across the Diocese. These 2-hour gatherings include music, talks, discussion and fellowship.  They are Christ Centered, providing opportunity to focus on Jesus working within each of us. We leave with strength and courage to take Jesus Christ back into the happenings and environment of everyday life. Any committed Christian  will be comfortable at an Ultreya.

The schedule and location of Ultreyas is posted on the calendar. If you have any questions, please contact the Fourth Day Committee Chair