Why all the strange words?

There are no secret handshakes or passwords in Cursillo but there are a number of Spanish words that may seem strange to you. The reason for that is simply the Spanish origin of the movement. The word “Cursillo” itself is a Spanish word that means “little course” or “short course.” It is called that because that is what the weekend is – a short course in Christianity. “Ultreya! ” means “Onward!” and is the name of  the larger community gatherings where we worship and encourage each other in our Christian walks.


Who Can Take Part?

Cursillo is open to adult Christian laity or clergy, men or women, married or single. In the Diocese of Qu’Appelle, weekends are held in the fall.  Married couples are encouraged to both attend a weekend but this is not mandatory.


What is expected of participants?

  • To acknowledge a need to commit a weekend of your life to Christ
  • To make a genuine effort to discover where and how you can grow in your Christian life
  • To feel secure in the knowledge that you are accepted as you are, and to understand that a specific response is not expected of you
  • To be curious and thirsty for spiritual exploration and nourishment
  • To be open and willing to respond to what you experience, to share your feelings with others, and to allow others to share their feelings with you


What is the cost of the weekend?

  • the cost for the weekend is $250, which covers lodging, meals, and materials.
  • Financial assistance is available through the Anglican Diocese of Qu’Appelle Cursillo Movement,  and  if required, should be mentioned to your sponsor and requested when an application is submitted.


Where are weekends held?

Weekends are held at the Wood Acres Conference Facility in Moose Jaw.  We are the only group on site during our weekends.



Do I have to share a room? What about bathrooms?

Rooms are double occupancy with bathrooms and showers in each hallway. The site is wheelchair accessible.


How Can I apply?

  • Each candidate must be sponsored. Your sponsor will assist you in preparation for the weekend and, more importantly, assist you after the weekend.
  • In many cases a prospective sponsor from within your parish may approach you about Cursillo.

If you are interested in Cursillo but do not have sponsor, speak to your parish representative or someone in your parish whom you know has attended a Cursillo weekend. Ask them to tell you more about Cursillo. Pray about it, and if you conclude that you should go, ask them to sponsor you. If you don’t know your parish representative or anyone in your parish who has attended a Cursillo weekend, ask your clergy.


What is an Ultreya and who can attend?

An Ultreya is a large gathering of a group of individuals who have made a Cursillo, that is, attended a Cursillo weekend, for inspiration, encouragement and support. An Ultreya usually includes singing, a witness talk, small group sharing, fellowship and of course snacks. Even if you have not yet made a Cursillo weekend, you are welcome to join us and find out more about Cursillo. Dates and places can be found on the  calendar.


What is a group reunion and who can attend?

A group reunion is a meeting of a small group of people, usually three to five, on a regular basis, to share their spiritual journeys with one another in mutual support and encouragement. Individuals who have made a Cursillo weekend are strongly encouraged to form or join a group reunion.


I would like my friend to attend Cursillo, what can I do?

Talk to your clergy about your friend, talk to God about your friend; pray for guidance in being a sponsor for your friend. Be prepared to complete the sponsor’s part of the application, and to walk with your friend through their Cursillo experience and into their fourth day.


What about  Finances?

The Anglican Diocese of Qu’Appelle Cursillo Movement  (ADQCM) depends completely on voluntary donations of time and money to carry out its activities.

Currently we are charging an “at cost” fee for weekends, and providing financial aid to those who cannot afford the registration. Participants are invited at the end of the weekend to make a tax-creditable donation to fund ongoing expenses and the financial support program.

Please send any tax-creditable donations to the ADQCM Treasurer:

The Treasurer
Anglican Diocese of Qu’Appelle Cursillo Movement

1501 College Ave.  Regina, SK, S4P 1B8

If you are interested in volunteering to help the ADQCM in any way, please contact any member of  Secretariat

If you have any additional questions or need more information – please contact us.